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The use of OCT technology enables Nettmann Optometrists to be able to fully customise each lens to the specific needs of the patient. With this machine we can accurately  set the gap that we want between the lens and the cornea .

This helps with oxygen transmission and clarity of vision as well as catering for any changes the cornea might experience over the next years . This ability to see through the corneal tissue and calculate the optimum fit has put us at the forefront of corneal irregularity treatment and contributes to our tremendous success rate .

The accuracy of each lens is calculated to within Microns . Here we can see that one lens has a gap of 106microns to the cornea , and in the other lens we have set it for 200microns clearance . This ability to chose what is best for each patient sets the new style scleral lenses apart from the original types first used . The comfort of the new scleral lenses is also fantastic , with most patients commenting that they feel better than soft lenses .

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